General Home Improvements

If, like many homeowners, you are choosing to make general home improvements (whether to upgrade the look or design of your home, increase security, create more space, save money on energy or increase the value of your home), knowing exactly which home improvements to make can be a difficult decision.

It goes without saying that your home is likely the biggest investment you will make, so you want to be certain any improvement is right for you. To help inspire your general home improvements here are some helpful reasons on why a home improvement would be perfect for your home.


So firstly, why should you build or renovate a conservatory? Well, who doesn’t want more space at home? A conservatory can be the perfect place to use an extra play room for the little ones, or a space to relax away from your teenagers! Alternatively, it makes an excellent space as a dining area, study space or extra entertainment room. Perhaps it would just be your quiet place to enjoy a cup of tea whilst watching the wildlife in the garden? Whatever the reason, adding a conservatory to your home will bring many added benefits.

A conservatory will allow you to take advantage of the sunlight throughout the year, from the comfort of your own home. More sunlight means more vitamin D, essential for health and wellbeing, so having this space can improve both by letting in more light, especially in the gloomier months!`

Another benefit of adding a conservatory is reconnecting with your garden, as many of us don’t use the garden to its full potential. You are much more likely to spend time there if you can see what’s going on. Conservatories truly are a bridge between the house and the garden!

With the housing market as competitive as it is, having a comfortable, well-insulated, stylish conservatory will definitely put you ahead of the competition, as buyers are proven to prefer to purchase a home that has all improvements completed (so they don’t have to do this themselves).

Whatever your reason for adding a conservatory to your home, 1st Homes delivers a bespoke service from concept through to completion. Each conservatory is available in a wide range of styles, colours and shapes and will be designed to your specific requirements.


One of the first things you notice on a house is the windows, but many homeowners tend to shy away from replacing the windows in their home as they do not fully realise the benefits that will come from this home improvement! Upgrading your windows will immediately improve the overall look of your home as well as increasing efficiency. Other benefits include significantly decreasing heat loss, as unlike single or double glazed windows by upgrading to triple glazed windows (all 1st Homes window products are BSW A++ Rated Triple Glazed) you will ensure your home is up to 35% more efficient at saving heat. Not only does this mean big savings on your energy bills (average savings by upgrading to these products are around £300 a year based on a 3 bedroom house), but also helps reduce your carbon footprint, which in turn is beneficial to the environment.

Upgrading your windows will also massively increase security, as all 1st Home window products come with the New Yale Blade locking system, the industry leader in home security for windows. You will also notice a significant reduction in noise pollution, making all of the difference in the world should you live close to a main road or have noisy neighbours!

So with all of the benefits listed above, (as well as increasing the value of your property whilst giving your home a new and stylish feel and look), upgrading your windows will always be a smart home improvement to make.


When people arrive at your home the first thing they see is your front door! Make sure you choose the statement you want to make with the perfect front door for you. Additionally, exterior or back doors can add value to your property. When selecting an external door you should look for one that will accentuate your home’s exterior. Factoring in the style/colour of your windows and any fascias/guttering should also play a part in your decision. Patio doors are one of the first home improvements homeowners consider when moving into a new home. Especially if the property looks onto a well tended garden or has great views!

Whichever door you choose to upgrade, 1st Homes can ensure it has the product to suit your needs, without compromising on security or energy efficiency.

To hear more about any of these products or to get advice on any general home improvements you wish to make, please contact the team here

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