Bay Window and Composite Door Installation Colchester

Our customers in Colchester chose from our superb range of bay windows and composite doors for their homes. They have given their home a historic feel with the benefits of modern manufacturing. The precise engineering means their new installations will protect their home against the elements and keep it well-insulted.

Both composite doors and bay windows are known for their strong aesthetics. Whilst bay windows will retain the charm; composite doors bring a touch of elegance. Our bay windows are made with a flexible uPVC material that can be designed in many configurations. The composite doors are a mixture of high-quality profiles that will suit any property.

We worked with our customers in Colchester to design the front of their home to meet their specifications and to fit within their budget. The windows and doors match perfectly with the layout of their home and its brickwork. To get started on your next project, start your free quote using our online design tool.

bay windows installation colcester

Chosen Design

Our Colchester customers have chosen a black composite door with silver hardware, including a letterbox and a lever handle. Tailored glazing has been chosen to enhance the design of the composite door, with red colouring to create a central focus. A composite door boasts unrivalled benefits due to the combination of profiles and will provide a high level of performance.

They have also chosen to have bay windows added onto their property, extending the space in their home and working with the existing brickwork. The multi-faceted design will give them better views of their surroundings and flood their property with natural daylight. They have chosen a white frame colour to match the rest of their home and additional glazing designs on the top windows.

Bay Window Benefits

Triple Glazing

We have a strong passion for renewable energy here at 1st Homes and always install bay windows that are going to enhance the thermal performance of your Colchester home. Triple glazing is fitted as standard, trapping the warm air and keeping it within your property. The temperature control is designed to give you a living space that is at the ideal temperature. No longer will you have to worry about it becoming too stuffy or cold.

Sound Insulation

Whilst triple glazing is known for its insulating benefits; it also can improve the sound insulation of your home. The glazing will help to reduce the amount of external noise that you hear in your Colchester property. This is the perfect solution for any homeowner, but especially those that live someplace fairly noisy. With our installations, our Colchester customers can relax in their homes with minimal disruption thanks to our double glazed bay windows.

Customised Design

Because bay windows are versatile, they can be designed to meet your specifications. There are numerous colours for you to choose from to complement the existing aesthetics of your home. Whilst our Colchester customers chose white, there is also gale grey and Chartwell green for you to consider. We also have a wide selection of hardware and finishes to complete the final look of the bay windows.

composite door installation colchester

Composite Door Benefits

Advanced Security

Security is important to everyone, and a front door is one of the main features that protect a home. Our composite doors are structurally intact and are fitted with multiple locking systems, including multi-point locks and hinges. This comprehensive system goes through thorough testing to ensure that it will provide you with optimal protection. All our composite doors are tested by Secured by Design so our Colchester customers can feel safe.

Weather Performance

Our customers in Colchester can feel comfortable in their homes as our composite doors are made within the UK. This means that they are designed for the unpredictable weather that we face throughout the year. From the reinforced door frame to the high-quality glazing, our composite doors can prevent unwelcome cold winds and rain from entering homes. The low maintenance of our doors makes them the best choice for your home.

High-Quality Profiles

Numerous materials comprise our composite doors, including a timber core, thermoplastic and GRP skin. All have incredible benefits that will enhance your Colchester home. Where a timber core might have a weakness, the thermoplastic will make up for this. All of their strengths combine to provide homeowners with long-term performance and results. You can’t choose a better front door for your property.

Bay Window and Composite Door Installation Prices Colchester

Do you want to know more about our bay windows and composite doors after seeing our Colchester installation? It couldn’t be easier to work with us on your next home improvements project. Start your free quote by using our handy online pricing engine. All you need to do is enter your dimensions and contact information, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We work closely with you to design composite doors and bay windows that are going to enhance your Colchester home. Send us your questions through our online contact form, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer to speak with us over the phone, give us a ring on 0808 1689 500. We look forward to hearing from you.

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