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Tilt and Turn Windows Colchester, Essex

If you’re looking for the most modern renovations for your Essex or Suffolk home, tilt and turn windows are for you. These unique profiles have taken the market by storm. They’ve achieved this thanks to their innovative opening system. As the name would suggest, these windows can open like a traditional side-hung window, as well as tilting within the sash.

As a result, they are versatile, multifunctional and are a perfect match for a wide range of Colchester homes. Contemporary, traditional, modest or grand; all property styles can be enhanced with our tilt and turn windows. They are available with either chamfered or sculptured uPVC frames and are fitted with the finest triple glazing as standard.

Here at 1st Homes, we source our tilt and turn windows from BSW. They use some of the industry’s leading uPVC profiles for their tilting profiles. As a result, you get quality and longevity assured. Along with their triple or double glazing, you can expect thermal retention, durability and weatherproofing, all without excessive upkeep.

36mm Glazing
Unlike other installers, 1st Homes fit triple glazing as standard. However, we do also offer double glazing as an option. 36mm in thickness rather than 28mm, you get an extra layer of energy efficiency.
Deep Frames
Our tilt and turn windows can be manufactured with frames up to 70mm deep. This aids the durability and robustness of the window.
Multipoint Locking
Modern locks make our tilting windows incredibly difficult to break into. You can have peace of mind that you and your family are safe.
Tilt and Turn Windows Essex
Bubble Gaskets
Patented perimeter gaskets allow our tilt and turn windows to deliver comprehensive, complete weatherproofing against wind and rain.
Six Chamber Insulation
Complementing the heat retention of the triple glazing, internal profile chambers prevent the ingress of cold external winds.

Energy Efficiency

We pride ourselves on the energy efficiency on our tilt and turn windows. They comfortably achieve an A+ Window Energy Rating, which can be improved upon with a range of thermal enhancements, including the upgrade to our ‘Energy Plus’ model.

Whatever you select, you’ll be getting triple glazing as standard and a multi chambered profile. However, you can also consider our double glazing as an alterative. With this duo, your tilt and turn windows not only trap the warmth within your Colchester home, but prevent any cold air from seeping in. The result is a naturally warmer home, even in winter.

Our tilt and turn windows could help you save money on your monthly energy bills, leading to a better carbon footprint. You can keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your home with our double glazing windows today!

Tilt and Turn Window Colour Options

Why stick to white? Thanks to modern technology, our tilt and turn windows are available in a plethora of different colour finishes. This includes sleek, contemporary shades, authentic woodgrains and even brighter hues. There’s something for everyone.

We can offer hundreds of different RAL colour finishes on request if you’re looking for something more bespoke. All our foils are designed to be fully resistant to adverse weather, ensuring they never fade or discolour over the years.

You can see our favourite tilt and turn window colour options here, but contact us for details about our other options. Whether you have a design in mind or are starting from scratch, our expert team can offer you bespoke options to consider.

chartwell green
chartwell green
irish oak
irish oak
golden oak
golden oak
Tilt and Turn Window Prices Colchester

Multifunctional Window Alternatives

Tilt and turn windows are incredibly unique in their versatility. Compared with casement windows, they are much easier to maintain and clean, thanks to the tilting function. If you live in a taller townhouse, they are excellent for ensuring longevity and preventing a build-up of excess dirt on the outside of the window.

The wide side-hung opening mechanism allows tilt and turn windows to double-up as a fire escape. You can have complete peace of mind that you have an alternate means of exit, in the horrible instance of an emergency situation.

With the tilting opening system, you also have heightened control over the ventilation during warmer periods. Their triple or double glazing, allows you to feel warm during the winter, while staying comfortable during the summer. Improved ventilation can help to maintain your interior walls and reduce the risk of condensation.

Tilt and Turn Window Prices Colchester, Essex and Surrounding Areas

You can use our online quoting engine to get estimated tilt and turn window prices for your Colchester home. Saving you time, money and energy visiting us or ringing up, you can instead get free quotes from the comfort of your phone. All you have to do is enter your house dimensions and your design preferences.

If you still have questions about our tilt and turn windows, get in touch through our online contact form. You can also give us a ring on 0808 1689 500 and speak to one of our experts. We are here from start to finish to answer any questions that you may have. Get your next project started with us today!

Our fitting teams will always strive to deliver your project as smoothly as possible, while giving 110%. That’s why 1st Homes are an award winning energy efficient home improvement specialist.

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